Pick Up Paddles

Pick Up Paddles

The Twin Rivers Paddle Club is an active paddling club. The annual schedule of events reflects only a portion of the paddling the members do throughout the year. members are encouraged to use TRPCmail to announce spontaneous and pick up paddles so that interested Club members can join in the fun.

What is a “PICK-UP PADDLE”?

A “pick-up paddle” is a last minute invitation to go paddling, perhaps motivated by a great weather forecast, “cabin fever”,or you simply want some company on the water or wish to share your adventure with others.

How do I invite others to my “PICK-UP PADDLE”?

The Twin Rivers Paddle Club’s e-mail system allows all members the opportunity to securely advertise your event to the entire club with a “blind” distribution e-mail.

How do I send a club-wide e-mail?

  •  First of all, you MUST use the e-mail address that you provided to TRPC w/ your membership application. Using any other address will not work and will be blocked and no club-wide e-mail will be sent!
  • Simply address your email to: TRPCmail@googlegroups.com
  • Type your invitation and send
  • Please remember, DO NOT USECC’s or BCC’s on your e-mail. Ask that responses be addressed to your e-mail address, not the above googlegroups address
  • By following these simple steps, an e-mail will go out to all active club members including a copy to you, immediately.