The following is a list of documents provided by the club for your information.  You can view each document by clicking on the highlighted title.   A PDF document will be downloaded to your browser.

GPS Tips

You have decided to go high tech and get a GPS receiver but are bewildered by the huge array of models. Here are some things to consider before you buy.

Club Bylaws

The bylaws for Twin Rivers Paddle Club were last revised in June 2012.

Cold Weather Clothing

Tips on dressing for the weather..

Camping Check List

Your survival can depend on proper preparation and planning. What do you need to take along for camping?

Kayak Check List

Safety is one key to enjoyable paddling. Terry and Becki Rich share a sample Kayak Check List. This list should help you in building your own. Don’t leave home without it!

Membership Application

The membership dues are $12 a year per household. New memberships are prorated throughout the year. For an exact amount it is recommended you contact the Club Treasurer.

Trip Briefings

Information on recommended discussions before and after each group paddle.

Trip Rating System

Club paddles will differ in time on the water, distance, difficulty, and skill requirements. The trip Rating System discusses difficulty and skill level standards.

TRPC Release & Indemnity Agreement

Club paddles, paddling clinics, and events require all participants to sigh the Release & Indemnity Agreement.

Kayak Rescue Skills

Outline for the rescue skills class offered each spring.