Paddle Trails

Paddle Trails

Twin Rivers Paddle Trails

The Twin Rivers Paddle Trails Packet introduces paddlers to 250 miles of mapped trails and 30 launch sites throughout the county. The 25 paddle trips and information are provided to improve your knowledge and understanding of the area, hopefully increasing your enjoyment of paddling and perhaps making for a safer trip.


These trail guides are not intended for use as a navigational map for the Neuse or Trent rivers or their tributaries. The originator of these paddle trail guides assume no liability for any injury or damage of any type whatsoever incurred due to their use. Every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, however some portions may not be shown to scale nor identify all landmarks or hazards. The use of USGS maps for the area of exploration is highly recommended. Paddling is an inherently dangerous sport. Paddlers should know their limitations, use common sense, and take precautions to avoid accidents and injuries.

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Parks & Recreation Department, Craven County Government