Coordinator Responsibilities

Coordinator Responsibilities

Policy for Outings

Prior to the outing:

  1. Agree to lead a specific outing.
  2. Follow the guidelines of the Outings Policy.
  3. Be familiar with the outing, put in, yake out, rest stops, and possible hazards.
  4. Obtain maps or other information pertinent to the outing.
  5. Assist outing planning coordinator with the publishing of the outing details to include name of outing, date, location, difficulty and skill requirements, description of the outing, provisions required, meeting location if different than put in, arrival time, put in time, estimated time on the water and take out time, directions to put in, directions to take out if shuttle is involved, coordinator contact information including phone number and e-mail address.
  6. Accept interested paddlers e-mails and phone calls, answering questions related to the outing.
  7. Screen participants based on skill and the difficulty of the outing, if possible.
  8. Paddle the trip prior to the outing to assure familiarity with the surroundings.

Day of the outing:

  1. If it is necessary to cancel the planned outing, make every effort to notify all known participants, either directly or through the club e-mail prior to the outing.
  2. Follow the guidelines of the Outings Policy.
  3. Be at the meeting place shortly before the published meeting time.
  4. Obtain all of the participants’ signatures and notification phone numbers on the Release/Indemnify Form. Have and offer any non-member participants a club membership application.
  5. Coordinate shuttle as necessary.
  6. Click on briefing to view the briefing the leader should provide those attending the paddle.
  7. Aquaint the group with the plans including rest ansd lunch stops and any hazards.
  8. Lead or sweep the outing yourself and assign other skilled paddlers the responsibility to help you cover other duties.
  9. Respect the rights of property owners along the way.
  10. Report any accidents to the TRPC President and/or other club officers.
  11. Submit a trip report (and photos if possible) to the Paddle Trip Coordinator.
  12. Forward any membership applications to the club treasurer.