Participant Responsibilities

Policy for Outings

  1. Choose outings within your ability.
  2. It is not required to contact the Trip Coordinator if you are going on a paddle outing, however out of courtesy it would be appreciated. That way the coordinator knows whether to proceed with the outing and in the event the paddle outing is canceled the coordinator will know who to contact. It is a must to contact the coordinator when the number of participants effects the planning phase of the outing.
  3. Be at the meeting place on time.
  4. You are responsible for your own equipment (PFD is mandatory), food, and transportation. Weather conditions should be considered. Be prepared for all types of weather.
  5. Understand and comply with the TRPC guidelines and Outings Procedure.
  6. Follow the directions of the Trip Coordinator.
  7. Keep the boat in front of and behind you in sight at all times. If you lose sight stop, wait, and then call for help.
  8. Leave the river and environs cleaner than you found them.
  9. Fully complete the waiver form.